Beware of Fake Barleys and other Brands

Only purchase our Amazing Products from Authorized Distributors.

Few things to consider before purchasing our amazing products:

  1. be cautious on products selling at a lower price

  2. look for sellers identification (Authorized Distributor ID)

  3. see sellers if active on training and mentorship (Product and Business knowledge)


Why there are fakes?

(Look at the bright side)

our products are effective and sellable, similar to those famous branded bags. Be more worried on products that fakers will not be interested.

Just be cautions when purchasing from unknown distributor. For you to be safe, you can contact us anytime.

Better yet, Be a Distributor yourself. Watch the Video presentation on how to Join IAM Worldwide

Learn more about your Mentor

Awards and Business Presentation

Mentoring and Trainings

Due to Pandemic, we mostly do our meeting online, and only very few at the office. We coordinate with the office online. Our office can handle any orders we have. Send anywhere in the world thru any courier Nationwide and Worldwide.

Soon you will find me in the office for Distributor Trainings.